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Accreditation no: ACC02 000 077
International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners - Dynamix Learning Solutions - Computer Trianing and Learning Solutions Provider
Pastel Accounting Authorised Training Centre - Dynamix Learning Solutions - Computer Training and Learning Solutions Provider
Prometric is a full-service testing provider for Dynamix Learning Solutions - Computer Training and Learning Solutions Provider
Dynamix Learning Solutions is a Microsoft Small Business Specialist -  Computer Training and Learning Solutions Provider


Important Announcement - Telephone numbers affected:

Our system has had hacking attempts against it in the last week accounting for a number of irregularities.  To mitigate risks various systems are being fully reviewed by our Security Engineers and certain gateways have been shut down or adjusted during this review process.

Our VoIP based telephone system is also a potential concern and as such our telephone numbers are also affected and therefore we are immediately routing through a secondary gateway.  Please use our alternate numbers on our Contact page.  Thank you and our apologies for the inconvenience.

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Dynamix Learning Solutions has been offering you quality Computer Training Courses, Technical Training Courses, IT Courses, Computer Lessons and IT certification programmes for over a decade, having trained over  400 000 delegates, with a capacity of 8 000 bookings for you and your staff nationally per month. We have Internationally Authorised courseware for thousands of titles spanning dozens of certification and product specialist tracks which will assure you the best training money can buy.

We are veteran Microsoft® Certified Partners as well as holding many of the industry’s highest accreditations, International Testing Centres, government accredited MICT SETA and more. These and many other reasons have secured Dynamix as the preferred training supplier across all industries. 

The Dynamix Team = Your Team

Permanent & Caring


You will be catered for by our handpicked staff that care about getting you onto the right class with professional instructors.  One point of contact through your Account Executive who’ll assist and answer any queries to our Training Coordinator who’ll source the right class at the right time for you!

Our Instructors are chosen for their ability to be excellent communicators.  Imparting their wealth of information efficiently and patiently during hands-on classes is no surprise that it’s the secret of our and your success.

Our Clients

4 000 Corporate Accounts
From corporate entities training their staff on application and server products to the end user client interested in attaining industry and international certifications we deliver to them all!

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